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Blind Cleaning Etobicoke

Located In Etobicoke - Affordable Blind Cleaning Etobicoke

Why Choose Us For Blind Cleaning

We are Etobicoke’s local blind cleaners, strictly specializing in blind cleaning. Located in the heart of Etobicoke (Closest intersections: Kipling Ave, Islington Ave and Norseman St.) we offer the most affordable and professional blind cleaning in Etobicoke. We have been offering professional blind cleaning in Etobicoke since 1986 and continue still today stronger than ever, equipped with state of the art blind cleaning technology.

Our Blind Cleaning Equipment

Our blind cleaning equipment is more advanced than ultrasonic blind cleaning and cleans your blinds much more thoroughly. Our blind cleaning machines can clean blinds of any size.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Etobicoke

While most people have the misconception that ultrasonic blind cleaning is the most advanced, it can not clean blinds as well as hand washing with specialty detergents can. Our blind cleaning processes ensure that all dirt is completely removed from your blinds and we, unlike ultrasonic blind cleaning we can clean all size of blinds at very competitive rates.

Our Warranty

When you chose us to offer you professional blinds cleaning in Etobicoke, you can rest assured that all your blinds will be perfectly cleaned and free from stains, smoke and dust or we will give you your money back!

Blind Cleaners Etobicoke

Our Blind Cleaning Procedure

  • We Offer blind removal and re-hung services anywhere in Etobicoke ON, where our driver will carefully remove your blinds.
  • We clean your blinds until they look and smell brand new, ensuring all stains, dust, smoke and debris are removed, using eco-friendly detergents and state of the art blind cleaning equipment and procedures.
  • Once your blinds are showroom clean we package them and deliver them to your door and re-hung the blinds.